Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon focuses on the authentic taste of American smokehouse and grills, with an extensive menu offering something for everyone.

Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon focuses on the authentic taste of American  smokehouse and grills, with an extensive menu offering something for everyone.

They cook with specialist “smokers” which have been imported from  the USA and are built to recreate the cooking process of original fire pits. The chef smokes for up to 16 hours using the traditional American woods of hickory and mesquite to give a full
smoke flavour. The ongoing success of the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton hasled to busy restaurants in London’s trendy Clapham and Soho and the exciting new Red Dog Sandwich outlets in Hoxton and Lakeside with more locations on the way.

Although each restaurant is different they have fairly similar requirements. Each site required a monitored Intruder alarm & fire alarm and CCTV System with remote viewing. Wherever possible the equipment across the group has been kept the same to simplify
the user experience and ensure that as staff and managers move between restaurants the systems are familiar.

Monitored Intruder Alarm System

The restaurants are licensed premises and this dictated the need for a monitored alarm system with Policed response from both the Intruder alarm system and on site panic buttons. The system had to be simple to use with a detailed event log for managerial purposes. We chose the Texecom Premier Elite system for its usability and scalability.

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Fire & Security

Scope of Works
Monitored Intruder Alarm,
Monitored Fire Alarm.

Monitored Fire Alarm System

For life safety site wide fire alarm &detection systems were required. These systems integrate with the gas solenoid and music systems on site and with other fire alarm systems in the same building. In the Lakeside property the fire alarm also integrates with the Ansul system (A gas canister to extinguish a fire on a hob at the pull of a cord), the sprinkler system and the onsite Lakeside security team. The excellent  Fike Twinflex and Duonet systems were used to protect these premises.

CCTV System

As the brand has grown CCTV has played an increasing part for Red Dog. Originally required for security the systems now view all covers to aid training and the client specifically requested coverage of the queuing areas to assess waiting times plus the whole of the Kitchen with a specialist camera directly onto the pass.

The plates of food and sandwiches served at Red Dog really are works of art and this attention to detail is key to the brand. The high definition camera directed to the pass is an excellent example of the management uses of the CCTV system. Footage from this camera enables management to ensure that the design of the food on the plate remains exactly as it should across multiple chefs in multiple sites.

All of the restaurants live and recorded footage is viewable via smart phone and tablet and also via the excellent video management software installed on the companies office PC’s. This system has a wealth of features including the ability to create groups of cameras, e.g. all the “Passes” or all the “queuing areas”from every restaurant so management can get a snap shot of what’s happening live or by looking back at various times and days to assist in adjusting opening hours and staffing levels.

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