Human Rights Policy Statement

Human Rights Policy Statement

Policy Statement

We believe that the business and operatives are stakeholders in ensuring the general well being of society.


We recognise that our activities should be operated to the benefit of the shareholders, operatives, business partners, associates, customers and suppliers.

It is our intention to deal responsibly and fairly with all parties to ensure that the above can be achieved.

As a small business we are unlikely to be able to affect change directly but where injustices become apparent then appropriate action will be taken.

The field of business ethics and human rights is too wide a subject for all possible scenarios to be covered here. Suffice it to say that when dealing with external organisation where injustice, human rights abuses, criminal activity or sub-standard business practises become apparent we would seek to disengage our business ties with these organisations.

We are committed to:

  • Respect the rule of law, conduct our business with integrity and show respect for human rights of the individual wherever we do business.
  • Develop employment practices that create a stimulating working environment in which persons can progress.
  • Create mutual advantage in all our relationships so that people will trust us and want to do business with us.
  • Demonstrate respect for the natural environment and work towards our goals of no accidents or harm to people and no damage or harm to the environment.
  • Manage our financial performance to maximise long-term value for our shareholders.

We expect all operatives and contractors to take responsibility for living up to these concepts and recognise that this may mean, from time to time, having to forego certain opportunities.

We will seek partners whose policies are consistent with our own.  We will make others working with us aware of our commitments and expectations, and their responsibilities in implementing the levels of performance we expect.

We recognise that these commitments represent our aspirations and that our company and some of our business partners may fall short of full delivery.  We will use all reasonable endeavours to continue to improve our performance and influence the improvement of others to reduce the gap between aspiration and reality.


Danny Cosker, Managing Director


21st February 2024