Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to providing extensive Security, Fire and Electrical Systems including; design, installation, commissioning and maintenance through the provision of an effective integrated management system taking into account all internal and external issues that can impact on our strategic direction.

Our approach is based upon applying its corporate values and business objectives to all areas of the business and promoting a culture that encourages the identification of innovative ideas, the application of integrated solutions and the achievement of continuous improvement in business performance.

We are committed to:


  • Working within alliance agreements, joint ventures, partnerships, partnering arrangements and conventional relationships to acceptable systems.
  • Operating effective quality management systems in all businesses within an integrated management framework.
  • Consistently meeting the quality of products and services specified by clients and continuously improving performance in all activities.
  • Providing relevant training to ensure that all employees are competent to carry out their work.
  • Providing products, services and solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of its customers.
  • Targeting the reduction of remedial and abortive work and the wastage of material resources by carrying out operations in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Adopting an approach of evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of operations and processes through established monitoring, measuring and reporting methods, and to ensure that as improvements are identified, they are introduced in all relevant parts of the business.
  • Committed to complying with all British Standards, industry codes of practice, legislation and customer Security, Fire and Electrical requirements.


Danny Cosker, Managing Director


21st February 2024